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"Effective, consistent, two-way communication builds engagement and community
through connection, understanding and mutual appreciation."

Mentoring for balance and focus

For fellow Marketing, Comms and PR professionals. Use Polly's experience to help you make sense of your roles and responsibilities, achieve your aspirations and navigate your stakeholder relationships.

Develop professionally and personally - for yourself and for those who rely on you at work and at home.

As your advocate and sounding board, Polly will provide counsel and support, while you develop your strengths and skills to achieve your personal and professional objectives.

"I look forward to helping you

make a positive impact in

your whole life & I hope you

choose to get in touch." 


Customer-centric Communication Services

Polly draws on 20+ years' experience in B2B Marketing Communications,

PR and general business management - and 8 years' consulting practice.


Leading Single Step, she works in partnership with clients to create and deliver engaging, effective communication services for B2Bs: 

  • Vision, Mission, Values creation

  • People-centred change management & countering VUCA

  • Message creation and copywriting

  • Audits & strategy

  • Internal Communications & Employee engagement

  • Shaping high-performance culture

  • Stakeholder relationship management

  • Programme & project management

  • Creative content production and delivery

  • Market research & competitive analysis


When you need a helping hand with your strategy, or on a project,

let us know how how we can help


"Self-expression must pass into communication for its fulfillment." 

Pearl S. Buck

Internal and External B2B Communication consulting services for organisations and their teams

Mentoring for Marketing, Communications and PR professionals

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