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"Change can be frightening, and the temptation is often to resist it.
But change almost always provides opportunities -
to learn new things, to rethink tired processes, and to improve the way we work.
Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

Coaching Approach

Whether coaching, mentoring or advising, Polly has an integrated, whole person approach for personal growth and professional development. Working with leaders across organizations, I help them unlock their potential for responsible and effective leadership - for themselves and those who rely on them.

Pragmatic and no-nonsense by nature, we need to be more than ‘heads on sticks’ at work. She developed her approach by combining professional, life and work experiences with transformational change, and two differing coaching qualifications (one traditional executive coach-mentoring and one psychological – both for leadership development). 

Acting as thinking partner, and providing an external perspective, clients typically seek to develop their leadership skills, and in doing so their understanding of themselves, owning their own power and their impact on others and the system, and their potential to create, align and engage with the organization’s vision, mission, and goals (or not!).

After an extensive corporate career, Polly became a fully qualified and accredited executive coach five years ago. She coaches full-time, as an Associate with coaching organisations, with leaders directly, and with organisations who want to provide their people facing change the opportunity to pause and reflect.

On-demand Executive Transitional Coaching

Executive coaching became mainstream during Covid, and online coaching took off as organisations and their top executives realised the performance benefits. Post Covid, leaders continue to cope with change on all fronts. Leaders throughout organisations are expected to maintain their equilibrium and demonstrate leadership excellence, while facing multiple complex challenges as never before.

Many leaders are experiencing the most challenging time of their careers and making time to reflect with a thinking partner as a sounding board, who can also provide an external perspective can be helpful. Online executive transition coaching brings the benefits of executive-quality coaching to more leaders by making it more affordable and accessible.

Some organisations are developing their coaching culture by taking advantage of online coaching, and if it’s not offered through work, some leaders are investing in themselves, to upskill and support themselves through transformational or continuous change. 

Our work includes arranging and debriefing personality assessments (DiSC/Insights, Hogan and Belbin), facilitating tripartite meetings, leadership workshops and gathering feedback – as well as coaching for individuals, teams and groups.


Clients have access to Polly’s calendar so they can book themselves in for one-to-one coaching sessions when it suits them. They have access to her between sessions as they need, and we arrange for feedback, assessments, and provide tailored resources if they wish.


Click here to book a time to meet with Polly for an introductory meeting.

For individual coaching, it’s usual to book a coaching programme covering 6 months and, depending on what’s included, this will usually cost between £750.00 and £2500.00. For Team and Group coaching, assessments and workshops, please get in touch to discuss. 

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