"We realise our potential by who we are and how we are, 

as well as by what we do what we attain."

Executive Coaching with us 

At Single Step, our approach to Executive Coaching is built on our belief that organisations and employees are asking more of our leaders than ever before.

Highly skilled professionals, they're also expected to be highly emotionally intelligent. At Single Step, our approach is professional + personal - we're here to support the whole person. 

To make this a reality, Polly took two distinct certification paths for Executive Coaching and Leadership Development - one corporate coach-mentoring approach, one humanistic, founded in self-awareness. She works with coaching partners she trusts, who are also able to offer whole person Executive Coaching.   

Our executive coaches are certified, accredited professionals who work with people to help them gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, unlock their potential, and act as a sounding board.

We believe Executive Coaching is for all leaders - wherever they are in an organisation. Whether you're sponsored by your employer, or you've found us yourself,

we'll help you move forward with purpose.

Leadership Development - making a difference

Leadership requires the whole person to be engaged in the whole system. At Single Step, we believe a more integrated approach to leadership is essential.


When it comes to leaders, we are drawn to those who we believe and trust. Our Leadership Development is founded in building self-awareness - for those who aspire to lead from a deep sense of purpose, a desire to engage with others at their core and make a positive impact for themselves and those who rely on them.

With Single Step, you can go beyond skills-related Leadership Development training and choose to explore profound, essential and inter-related aspects of Leadership Development, which demand significant insight and reflexivity: self-awareness; awareness of your impact on others; awareness of system forces and dynamics; how you act and make decisions and how open you are to seeking support. 

We believe this development is for leaders, whatever their roles; who want to understand themselves and the challenges of leadership at a deeper level.  

“ The greatest journeys all start with a single step.”
This Bear Grylls quote is adapted from a Maya Angelou quote,
in turn adapted from Lao Tzu.
There are many versions - as there are many paths
​Take a single step and walk your own path 

Corporate, business and executive coach for personal and professional leadership development & communication consulting services in Reading, UK