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Coaching on a monthly arrangement

It’s a win-win-win!

A bespoke monthly coaching arrangement makes the most out of our partnership.

Having me on retainer is a win-win-win-win: for you, the company you work for (even if you’re not being sponsored!) and for me.

A win for you

Once we know each other, working together on retainer means I’m there for you, on-demand. The strength of our relationship will play a key role in your progress.

I will do all I can to support you by getting to the heart of what you want, challenging you to go further than you think you can, providing services, tools and resources to make it easier, and putting you in touch with people who can help you.

On this retainer basis, you benefit from having priority sessions, at short notice. I’m here for you, whenever you can make time in your calendar - and for ad-hoc contact. I’ll send you news and resources I know will be relevant for you and check in with you.

Just knowing that I'm here for you, in your corner, will play a big role in how far you’ll go.

Sometimes, you’ll want to check in and have a session to keep on track after we’ve worked together. Occasionally, it’ll be to pick up on a specific issue or challenge. As we’ll know each other, I’ll be up to speed and we can get to the crux of the matter in hand without preamble. Often, it’ll be to have a brief session to pause for thought and use me as a sounding board to gain clarity.

I suspect your calendar is back-to-back. A current theme is clients saying they didn’t think they had time for a coaching session, and then that they’re glad they made the time!

Benefits of the monthly retainer:

  • Me in your corner, 24/7

  • Access to my client calendar to book a session when it suits you

  • Morning, afternoon and evening sessions to accommodate different time zones

  • Two-way ad-hoc contact through the month

  • Have complete flexibility – you set the agenda

  • No pressure to move from start to finish in a set period

  • Specific skills development when you choose

  • A sounding board to gain clarity

A win for the organisation

Even if you’re not being sponsored, the organisation you work for, and those who rely on you at home and at work, will benefit from the change in you and how you lead – it’s a win for productivity and performance.

Working with organisations, I partner with CEOs, HR and OD professionals that want to foster a coaching culture and offer one-to-one coaching to people they know would benefit.

The organisation can offer more people one-off coaching sessions for in-the-moment support – or a series of sessions for a transition coaching programme to support their leadership skills development.

Organisations who benefit from retained executive transition coaching services:

  • Are experiencing constant or transformational change

  • Value their people and want to support them to succeed

  • Are seeking a way to boost leadership skills development in the organisation

  • Want to help individuals make sense of organisational or role changes

  • Want to make the most of a significant change at work

  • Want to use external one-to-one executive coaching to complement their in-house coaching and L&D programmes

They tend to already have a coaching culture - or they want to develop one. Often, their top team has experienced coaching themselves and know the performance benefits it brings.

How it works for organisations

We talk and get to know each other – we decide if I’m going to be the right fit for your organisation.

We talk through options and you choose what will help the organisation most now and who to offer one-to-one coaching to (it can be for ongoing development over a series of sessions, or a single session).

We put a trial in place for a set number of hours (min 4) for one month. We decide how to measure the effectiveness, we run the trial and measure the results.

For example, the 4 hours could cover:

  • 3 hours of on-demand one-to-one coaching

    • Half-hour or one-hour sessions. You offer it to your people and give them the link to my calendar booking service. They book a slot when it suits them

  • 1 x webinar or recorded Masterclass on a hot topic of your choosing e.g. ‘Realising Resilience’, 'Leading through Change: Reframing VUCA' or ‘Effective Remote Meetings’

    • I pop together the deck and send it to you for edits & approval

Benefits for organisations

  • Bespoke coaching to suit your organisation, your people, plans and budget

  • On-demand one-off sessions to support a change, or for an in-the-moment challenge

  • A series of sessions for a role transition or leadership development

  • Clients book me directly, with priority access to my calendar

  • The organisation chooses who has access to me

  • I’m external, independent and sessions are confidential

  • Tailored assessments, KPIs, Feedback – to demonstrate ROI

  • A coaching partner who understands your business, ethos & strategy, including your L&D plans

  • No additional cost or cost variables for different types of coaching, including masterclasses

A win for me

While I work with coaches and consultants I know and trust to deliver larger projects, at the end of the day, I’m just me. My monthly retained clients and organisations are those I know I can best support and add value by working in partnership.

With monthly coaching, I benefit from a steady income, so can discount my services and add value. I’m a big believer in ‘democratising’ coaching. Awful word for a great vision – to bring the benefits of executive coaching to more people. I thought it was my bright idea, until I discovered the big coaching businesses are starting to offer this too!

My differentiator is the deep understanding and personal service that comes with working with a small supplier partner.

I can only work with so many organisations and clients – I get to know personal and professional visions and can keep abreast of external and internal system, strategy and stakeholder factors affecting them. I won’t overstretch myself and will only take on a monthly coaching client I know I’ll be able to give my full support.

My purpose is to bring the benefits of executive-level coaching to more people by making it affordable and accessible.

Even before Covid, the accelerated pace of change meant it was constant. Demands on leaders and managers throughout organisations were ever increasing.

We were expecting more of our leaders – expecting them to demonstrate excellent leadership skills and to know how to lead in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times.

And often, organisations were still only providing executive coaching for their top team and their high potential employees.

They were providing executive coaching for their leaders because it works, but it was too expensive to offer to more of their teams.

And then there was Covid. No leader or manager has experienced a time like this and the change challenges it’s bringing.

My response is to democratise my executive transition coaching services:

  • To make coaching affordable for professionals who want to invest in their personal and professional development and

  • To give organisations the opportunity to offer executive-level coaching to more of their people – to support their OD and L&D strategies

Payment and scheduling

Our monthly coaching arrangement is a win-win-win

  • When you sign-up for ongoing coaching, you will be billed every month and can cancel at any time. This helps keep us both motivated to make the most out of every month! I’ll be using the measurements we’ve decided to use to track progress and check in with you that I’m meeting or exceeding your expectations

  • There is no minimum commitment period though I do recommend entering this relationship with a longer-term vision in mind

  • You book a session when it suits you using my client calendar. If you need to move a session, please let me know as soon as possible to free up the slot. If you’d like to end our coaching engagement, just let me know and it’ll be cancelled at the end of the month


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