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The 4Cs for Coaching & Communications

Putting together Single Step's Website menu (creating a new site) - I couldn't help but try and make the menu bar four things beginning with 'C' to follow Coaching and Communication. Taking a little break, I allowed my thoughts to wander into thinking about the tried and tested 4Ps of Marketing (Product, Price, Place, Promotion)... and then onto considering what other 4Cs are already 'out there' related to Coaching and Communications... just to have a little break... not to get distracted you understand...

Communications is (of course!) the golden thread, running through each version of 'the 4Cs of coaching/communications' I discover in my brief web wanderings. Applied Educational Systems published 'The 4Cs of 21st century skills', suggesting:

  • Critical thinking learn about how to solve problems

  • Creativity teaches students to think outside the box

  • Collaboration shows students how to work together to achieve a common goal

  • Communication lets students learn how to best convey their ideas 

This put me in mind of Single Step partner, professional coach Rachel Harrison of my Professional Hat. Rachel helps late teens to mid twenties set out on the right career path for them. Helping them get clarity on their career direction and develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to search and apply for roles effectively.

Atlanta-based creative agency Cat Media suggests aligning the old 4Ps with customer-centric 4Cs - which I'm all for:

  • Customer understanding them and their needs

  • Cost the value you bring to the customer

  • Convenience making it easy for the customer

  • Communication two-way, all along the way

Then I had a quick search for 4Cs related to coaching and that's where I stopped browsing - so very many versions, you can pick and mix your favourite 4: Confidence, Courage, Clarity, Credibility, Care, Commitment, Connection, Character, Competence... to name but a few and I'll leave it with Completion. Back to site content... it's not 'collateral', it's a 'blog', break over, crack on!


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