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In our clients' words

Experiencing Single Step

"Polly is an excellent coach and mentor. She has such a breadth of experience in the corporate sector as a leader, which she draws on to offer understanding and perspective. As her client, she's always made me feel understood and supported.

Her capacity for caring and kindness creates a nurturing and safe space for me to explore difficult and challenging personal and professional issues - things I wouldn't otherwise open up about. The insights I've gained from working with Polly have been transformative. They've helped me navigate a particularly impactful period as a leader. I am grateful for her as a coach and would highly recommend her."

Single Step's affiliations

  • Alliance of Coaches & Mentors

  • European Mentoring & Coaching Council - Global

  • Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision

  • Psychosynthesis Coaching Limited

  • The Oxford Coach-Mentoring Group

  • The Institute of Psychosynthesis

  • Middlesex University

Working together - connection, curiosity and engagement

When assignments call for different specialisms or more support than she can give alone, Polly draws on her network to deliver as Single Step.


Working with those she's worked with and trusts, we work as individuals or together - delivering outstanding outcomes and measurable results. 

While the complexities change, the method stays the same - keeping clients at the centre of all we do, we build on strengths, counter weaknesses and illuminate blind spots - because it's these, together with unfinished business, that really get in the way.


"We don't have to do all of it alone,

we were never meant to."

Brené Brown.


Affiliations - what it's like working with Polly and Single Step - in our clients' words

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