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Three ways to lift the spirits

Three ways that can help you find your smile:

1) Being more active

I’ve re-potted plants, am walking more and spring has sprung! Finding ways to be more physically active, or trying a new activity, are proven mood boosters. You know best what floats your boat - and if you can get outside all the better (there are signs that spring is on the way!). If that's just not possible, then try getting cosy, lighting a candle or a fire and reading or watching something you love

2) Asking yourself ‘how’

Being mindful, I’m giving myself a little space and time each day to pause and notice how I’m feeling. All you do is breathe, relax and be attentive to how you’re feeling. And that’s it. Really. No need to judge how you feel, or think about why you feel what you feel, just be aware of how you’re feeling. Perhaps surprisingly, as we usually want to make sense of things and we’re in a results-driven world, simply noticing how you’re feeling, simply being, is a lasting mood elevator

3) Connecting with people

In the real world, I’ve arranged to meet with friends and asked for help on a project. Finding ways to be with people and being present when we're with them brings positive vibes – we feel we belong. When we are with people, we can show we care and want to connect by putting our mobile devices away and having a conversation (groundbreaking stuff!)

What do you reckon? In the interests of shared wisdom - and because I'd love to know - what do you do?


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